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CYR/ German Wheel Act

By demonstrating incredible technical skills our Cyr wheel artists and cube performers offer breathtaking performances that will not fail to impress your audiences of all ages.

Performing with wheels and cubes made from smooth metal our cube and Cyr wheel performers are perfect for themed events and events that require a wow-factor show including corporate parties,wedding, product launches and gala dinners. Not just limited to lightweight metal structures for aerial and juggling, our cube artists also offer opaque light cubes and video mapped cubes, which add an impressive additional visual to this already spectacular art form.

Each of their performances is a unique and dynamic showcase of creativity and physical prowess and can be tailored to incorporate custom designs, branding and specific choreographies. Performing either as accomplished solo artists or with additional performers of similar or different disciplines, our cube and Cyr wheel artists can create stunning bespoke shows to perfectly compliment your specific event.

Visually impressive and highly captivating our cube and Cyr wheel performers will be the absolute highlight of your event!