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Mirror Ball Act

We at TalenTreee (talent next level) manage International Performers in Mumbai who can performs all across India. These International Musicians are Employment Visa Artist and are highly skilful and talented. We believe in a quality of performance for any event.

If you are looking for tantalising, graceful entertainment with a touch of class and beauty, the mirror ball act will most certainly provide all.

A celestial centre of energy in any space, exploding with beauty, casting light and enchantment over the faces of every spectator.

This unique act combines contortion, hand balance and dance, performed on top of a stunning, sparkling, spinning Mirror Ball.

The act is performed all over the world at high profile corporate events, private events, weddings and product launches.

Originally created as a solo act, the Mirror Ball brand has grown over the last 3 years, recruiting carefully selected performers from all over the world to perform the act, throwing open the possibilities of bespoke individual or multi performer acts to suit the requirements of your event.