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Pixel Poi Act

Talentreee (talent next level) brings to you the best of performers at your doorstep. Pixel Poi Act is an International act which has recently come to India. It is well known among clients to be a showstopper act. Pixel Poi Act is an animated act which has received worldwide acclaim. Combined with EDM music in the background, the act uses a mix of lightning and dancing to enthral the crowds. It is a speciality event particularly popular in marriages. The lights are attached to a stick which is whirled among in a fast-paced manner.

The colour of the stick changes as the song progresses. It is a highly professional act requiring years of practice to perfect and master. They wear masks to create an aura of mystery and magic. It is a graphic representation of colour and glamour. A black background and dim lighting create a great effect on the audience. A distinctive combination of laser manipulation, tightly choreographed lyrical dance and Pixel Poi specific graphics help to build a beautiful crescendo of colour. In addition, slick movement and clever programming produce dramatic visual illusions as light motifs appear, disappear and change create a stunning effect on those watching. The performance can feature from 2 to 16 artists.

An eye-catching and innovative way to advertise your company or brand, our talented poi spinners will amaze audiences with their lightning fast speed as they twirl the pixel poi through the air. Spectators will watch in amazement as these one-of-a-kind LED wands morph into a dazzling array of designs in perfect synchronicity with a high-octane soundtrack.Ideal for product launches, gala dinners, opening and closing ceremonies, corporate events and celebrations, our poi spinners have already wowed audiences at events.