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Tanoura Dancer

If you are looking for tantalising, graceful and mesmorise moment at your special event with a touch of class and beauty, the Tanoura act will most certainly provide you all

The practice of whirling has been adapted as Tanoura (Arabic: el-tanoura). The word tanoura or tannoura refers to the colourful skirt worn by the whirler (Dancer,performer), with a colour representing each Sufi order. The word may also refer to the dancer, traditionally a Sufi man. Tanoura is associated with Sufism and is performed at Sufi festivals, but it is also performed by non-Sufis as a folk dance or concert dance.

We have our very own in house Tanoura Dancers from Egypt, available for booking. You are just a call away from making your event bit more special.